While we were on our way to Kareri Valley, we made a quick let’s-rest-and-stay-the-night stopover at McLeodganj; and that was a decision we are happy we made. Not only did we need to rest, but eat and re-energise too! A brief walk from the bus stand is Pema Thang guest house, our home for the night!

McLeodganj City Square

We had limited time on hand so we sorted just two major places to visit, the Namgyalma Stupa and prayer wheels and the Bhagsunag Temple. And , some chill at Shiva Café.

The Namgyalma Stupa and prayer wheels, also known as the Buddhist temple is a beautiful structure surrounded by prayer wheels. Built in the memory of people who lost their lives during the freedom struggle for Tibet, it is a spectacle to hold. While we were strolling along the Stupa, we were told that whoever visits the Stupa, gets washed off all their bad Karma! (sab paap dhul gaye!)

Church Of St. John In TheWilderness(left) and Namgyalma Stupa and prayer wheels (right)

Our second stop was the Bhagsunag Temple, is also known as the famous Shiva temple of Bhasunag village, which is a few kilometres from Mcleodganj main square. (After washing off the bad Karma, we wanted some blessings eh!).

We also ended up visiting the Church Of St. John In The Wilderness, a beautiful Anglican Church, but couldn’t stay long as a Christian wedding was in process.

Bhagsunag Temple

And to eat?

How can we not explore a place to sit down and eat! So we landed at Shiva Café, which apparently seemed to be a very popular place in McLeodganj.

Shiva Cafe

It is a little further up from the Bhagsu waterfall as you walk through the steep hillsteps. Breathtaking view, above average food and moderately priced, this café was a good decision after all.

Shiva Cafe has a chic interior

The décor was interesting, with graffiti inspired by Lord Shiva and trance music filling the ambience. A heaven for backpackers and many international tourists, this is a hip joint (get the hint, wink wink!)

Graffiti at the cafe is inspired from Lord Shiva


Where: Mcleodganj
Distance from Delhi: By Road 477 km (taking the NH44 and NH503)
Time taken: Approximately 8-9 hours drive from NCR, Overnight Volvo
Best season to visit: September-June
When not to visit: Avoid July and August, it pours heavily
Where to stay: We chose Pema Thang guest house, airbnb is also a good option
STD code: 1892