Holla Mohalla: A three day festival where one can witness the soul of Khalsa.

Nihang Singhs During Hola Mohalla
Nihang Singhs During Hola Mohalla

What is Hola Mohalla?

It was back in 1700s when Guru Gobind Singh Ji founded Khalsa (an army of warriors) and started holding a sports day to see the war preparedness of his army and reward the outstanding warriors. Since then, this day became an annual event where all the warriors would come and showcase their martial skills and be a part of the cultural magnificence.

Today, at the event, these warriors gather to display their skills of the martial tradition and horsemanship with spectacular mock battles (gatka), swordsmanship, archery, tent pegging and bareback horse riding.

Procession from Shaheedi Bagh
Hola Mohalla Procession From Shaheedi Bagh
Gatka Perfromance at Mela Grounds
Gatka Perfromance At Mela Grounds, Anandpur Sahib
Nihang Singhnis at Hola Mohalla
Nihang Singhnis at Hola Mohalla
Nihang Rider at Mela Ground
Nihang Rider at Mela Ground, Anandpur Sahib
Sikhs at Mela Grounds, Anadpur Sahib
Sikhs at Mela Grounds, Anandpur Sahib
Open Langar Kitchens During Hola Mohalla
Open Langar Kitchens During Hola Mohalla
Horse Riding at Hola Mohalla
Horse Riding at Hola Mohalla

Must dos at Holla Mohalla

  • Visit the Gurudwaras 
  • Experience the cultural events like electrifying religious and warriors’ ballads (Dhaddis) and shabad keertans that soothes the mind.
  • Eat at Langars offering non-stop meals until after midnight.
  • Visit Shaheedi Bagh; this is where tents and horses are tied along; making of shardai – a traditional drink of Sikh warriors.
  • Join Holla Mohalla procession via the Gurudwaras till Mela Grounds.
  • Experience the thrill of the mock battles at Keshgarh Gurudwara and mela grounds.
  • MUST experience the tent-pegging and horse-riding events on third day at the mela ground.
  • Marvel at the grand makeshift houses created in trucks, trolleys and tractors; their home for all the three days of the festival.
  • Witness the cult of youth in their full form, who prepare extensively to look at their best at the festival.

How to reach Anandpur Sahib

  • Flights/Trains from Delhi to Chandigarh are available, I went early morning by road that took me about 4-4:30 hours (250 kms)
  • From Chandigarh, Anandpur Sahib is another 80 kms by road


  • Ensure prior booking as the accommodation is limited during the festival.
  • For luxury farm stay, you can book at Anand @ The Sutlej


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