RadhaRani ka Barsana 

Everyone in Barsana greets you with “Radhe Radhe”

Barsana is the birth place of Shri Radha where not just the temple, but the entire village is connected with her name. In Hindu mythology, Shri Radhe’s name has always been taken along with Shri Krishna, while Radha Rani is believed to be the Goddess of Brajwasis.

Radha Rani Temple, Barsana
Entry to Radha Rani Temple in Barsana Ⓒ Priya Goswami/RoundGlass

Braj ki Holi is quite famous for its unique festivity across India and this is the place where its week-long Holi celebrations begin for the season.

In the lanes towards the Radha Rani Temple, kids play around with name stamps of Radhe Krishna.

On my visit to Barsana, I realised that the place had everything I was looking for – the devotional vibrance, festivity and sumptuous food.

Food in Barsana
Lassi vendor near RadhaRani Temple Ⓒ Priya Goswami/RoundGlass

Yes, when in Braj, you can’t miss the milk-based sweets and drinks they serve! You have no idea how well I enjoyed my lassi glasses here in the summer heat.

Temple priests throwing laddoos at the sea of devotees Ⓒ Priya Goswami/RoundGlass

Holi celebrations in Braj start with the Laddoo Holi in Barsana. Temple priests perch atop the terrace and platforms of the Radha Rani Temple and hurl the confectioneries at the crowds below.

Not only laddoos, they also throw candies and chocolates.

Laddoo Holi celebrations in Barsana
Devotees at the satsang hall of the temple play with dry colors and dance to the tune of Radhe Krishna bhajans and dhol

It rains ladoos, bhajan mandli gets high on their trance, dry color splashes in the air –what an electrifying atmosphere!

Samosa, Indian Snack

With such an overwhelming warm-up to the Holi season and preps for Lathmar celebrations the next day, I wrapped up my day with some piping hot samosas.

If you want to reach the temple, there are three routes. The regular and main one being from inside the village, cars can go up to the temple gates but during the Holi time, the entire area is sealed and you have to walk for about 3-4 kms.

Braj Ki Holi Holi celebration details for 2020

3rd March Laddu Holi: 4 PM – 6 PM at Radha Rani Mandir, Barsana

4th March Barsana Lathamar Holi: 4 PM – 7 PM at Rangeeli Gali, Barsana

5th March NandGaon Lathamar Holi: 4 PM – 7 PM at Nand Baba Mandir, Nandgaon

For More Information Please Contact:

Shri Praveen Goswami Ji

(Sewadhikari Shri RadhaRani Mandir, Barsana)

Shri Amit Shyam Goswami Ji
(Sewadhikari Shri RadhaRani Mandir, Barsana)